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When the Kane siblings' father accidentally releases the Egyptian gods, things start getting... funny.

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    Post by Doctor Edward Richtofen on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:37 pm

    Site Shop:

    Alright, so we're setting up a site store so you members can use your hard-earned drachmas....

    In order to purchase something, you MUST PM an admin. Must must must. You must talk about pie, because that's what will let us know that you've read this.

    We will subtract the cost of the item from your total amount of drachmas. We don't take IOUs.

    We don't scam.

    You get drachmas by posting topics and messages, and PMs too.

    If you get one of the extra characters you purchased killed, it will leave you with another open slot so you can make a new one.


    Name changes- 250 drachmas
    Weapon from god- 1000 drachmas
    Blessing from god-25000 drachmas
    Extra Character- 2000 drachmas (Limit: 5) (This does not mean you can buy a Host)
    Extra HOST Character-5000 drachmas
    Immortality(never able to die)- 500000 drachmas (yes, I know, IT'S VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE)

    Site Bank:

    We will allow other people to lend others credits. YOU CANNOT ASK AN ADMIN TO GIVE YOU CREDITS.

    Here's how it goes:

    You PM an admin (in bold, so we know you've read this). We subtract the amount of credits you want to give to a percredits.

    If you want, you may later request that you are repaid by the person you had given the credits to, but they must agree to it.

    Kyle, Magician, and Host of Keku.
    John, Magician, and Host of kohns

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